The history of creation this song comes back to faraway and old China, to be more precise it’s its South, Shenzhen town. That’s the place we got carried away during our Asian rumbling. At the end of our wanderings, if I’m not mistaken it was when we had 2 month left, 3 very important persons of our Chinese company left us: our leader Vania and not less important person in my life – my wife Yulia and baby lion Solomon. Vania left having taken the life challenge by the call from motherland so to break new ground for development of our music. He got an interesting offer concerning his composing activity and he left taking this challenge as a big sign, which has actually turned out to be great one  My wife has literally got tired of rumbling with us with a mess load of stuff and the baby (he was a little above a year at that time), constant “surviving” in Chinese ghetto, living God knows where and other “musicians’ sweets”. We let them go back to motherland and for sure calmed down because everything would be fine and at least consistently there. So there were three of us left. Slavik came instead of Vania and we continued living right and left, playing in the streets, and tiding over with casual jobs. At the time three of us were living in one room in a creepy gross hotel far from the center. Sania the guitarist left to Hong Kong to make another visa and Slavik and I stayed alone for a week. It was September with terrible sultriness and smog because of millions of cars. It was my wife’s Birthday, my family was far long at home in Ukraine, we’ve missed each other and I was wandering how I could congratulate my woman over rough and smooth of all these thousands of kilometers. Definitely, it’s a song. Slavik suggested a couple of variants of musical harmony, improvisation and I chose the most appropriate one for my soul at that time. Of course, I needed a congratulation words or something like that in the song and so that is how my first lyrics were born, although they were originally in English).
We wrote this song in an hour or two, send her and, surely, it was the best present) Only after a while, in Kyiv, to my surprise and joy, the song has been appreciated by our friends and Vania and he suggested to translate it into Ukrainian, make it that melodic, give the second “life” to it, create new history, but about us as well, about hard times and overcoming them with the power of love and faith. Thank him a lot. I appreciate him for his ability to describe the atmosphere of soul. So here is the story. I tried to start telling it a little earlier, got carried away with it and wrote it in details so our readers and admirers could understand and feel the history of this song creation as better as possible. Now you know even more. Thank you for being with us) Have a nice journey to the history)

Photo by Maksym Fesenko